Angolan Conflict 1986/89

Cuban aircraft shot down in the area of Cuito Cuanavale


Pilots who did not return

24th October 1987  Captain Lorenzo Morales Ramos who was flying a MIG-23ML was shot down and killed by UNITA operated  MANPADS.

28th October 1987 A MIG-21UM was shot down by UNITA in Luvuey by MANPADS. The  crew, Tte.Cor. Manuel Rojas and Cap. Ramon Quesada Aguilar were  captured by UNITA and presented to the foreign press in Jamba, while the fighting in Cuito Cuanavale was still taking place.

21st  November 1987 Barbaro Quiala Raul Castro who was flying a MIG-23ML was shot down near Luena. There are not many details of the  operations that were taking place in the area of Cuito Cuanavale.

20th December 1987 1st. Lieut. Alejandro Diaz was piloting A MI-8T helicopter, when it crashed  into Tempue.

14th January 1988 Captain Francisco A. Doval was flying a MiG-23ML when it was shot down near  Cuito Cuanavale. UNITA’s version of events claimed it was by their MANPADS, while another vesion claimed it was by friendly fire, in the form of a  SAM-7.

21st January 1988  Captain Carlos Rodriguez Perez was killed when his MiG-23ML was shot down over Menongue. Sadley no  more data are available.

15th February 1988 Captain John P. Rodríguez (Capri) was shot down and killed while flying a MiG-23ML over Cuito.

17th March 1988 Ernesto Chávez was shot down and killed while flying a MiG-23ML over Cuito, by a  Ystervark AA 20mm SADF.

27th April 1988 An AN-26 which was transporting a committee of senior officials involved in forward planning actions, was shot down by error (by Cubans) over Cuban TCAA Cahama, killing 26 people, including General Paco Cruz, Brigadier Gral and  Francisco Cruz Bourzac.

November - December 1987 There were reports of at least two MiG-23ML’s and two MIG-21’s being shot down by UNITA  MANPADS and SADF AA’s in the area of Cuito, However, at the moment there are no more details.

January – 23rd March1988 There were reports of two MiG-23ML’s, and a MIG-21 SU-20M and possibly more, being shot down in the area of Cuito. However, at the moment there is  no data to identify nationality of the pilots.

December 1988 ? The latest reported loss is that of a MIG flown by Julio de Jesus Garcia Herrera, sadly no more details are avainable at the moment.