Angolan Conflict 1986/89

From the Autobiography of Guillermo Fariñas

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Fariñas (back row, far right) as a cadet in the city of Tambov, in the former USSR, Winter 1982.

To end the 12 degree in 1980, in the second half, i was mobilized to Havana as precadete to study a career of MINFAR in the 5th Division, which included the cadets who were going to study Intelligence and Counterintelligence of Special troops.

I was located in the military unit of Barbosa, on the Highway Noon, the current Institute of Policiología "Captain Eliseo Reyes". I was part of the troops in Support of the custody of the Embassy of Peru, of the Battalion of Personal Safety and Security Battalion Diplomatic, custodié The Central House of the FAR, the current Hotel Comodoro, Battalion of Protection to the Fence cockfights in Managua, frequented by general and commanders of the Revolution, belonging to the commander Guillermo Garcia Frias.

I went to the site of training of special troops in "El Cacho”, Pinar del Rio, with coaches Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. In November 1980 left for Angola. We were highlighted in the south in the vicinity of the city of Huambo, in the location of Piñeiro, under the orders of colonel Antonio Enrique Luzon Battle, with 5 battalions to Fight Against Special troops.

I was assigned to the Battalion of Special troops to be part of the Commands of Demolition penetration and Sabotage subordinates directly to the Minister of the FAR, in these functions made 11 sorties in the rear of UNITA in which received 5 decorations and 11 degrees, occupied by the DSE in the first prison in 1995.

In the penetrations received two gunshot wounds in his left leg and another in the spine, the second bullet was cushioned by the objects that were inside the backpack.

I returned to Cuba in 1981, I was three months of holidays, in August 1981, left for the former USSR, there was as cadet at the academy of Aerial disembarkation of the city of Tambov, in the vicinity of Moscow 280 Km. There with training of Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese, in addition to coaches Russians, in a practice by negligence of the officer in rasos i was contaminated by a nerve gas, which i produced epileptic seizures and i was evacuated toward Moscow and the little time to Naval Hospital in Havana.

Fariñas (back row, second from left) in training as a sniper in Tambov, Winter 1982.

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