Angola Conflict 1975/76

African National Congress press statement,
2nd February, 1996

The African National Congress deplores the presence of the South African mercenaries in Angola. The Angolan war which has carried on for more than a decade, has left many casualties in Angola. The Pretoria based Executive Outcomes which is responsible for sending mercenaries to Angola must review its activities.

We cannot be the exporters of war, as people who believe in democracy. Our duty is to ensure the continuity of peace, not only in the region but throughout the continent. The presence of the South African mercenaries in Angola is inconsistent with the current dispensation that we are building in our country.

It is in conflict with accepted International norms. As the ANC we explicitly renounce militaristic intervention in Southern Africa.

The South African involvement in Angolan affairs has left a bitter taste even prior to the activities of the Executive Outcomes. Instead of being protagonists of war, we should take our good experiences, and export them to the outside world.

The ANC demand all South African mercenaries who are in Angola to stop their activities and return home immediately. The ANC supports the current efforts by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in its endeavour to address the situation.

The 'Angolan Weekly News Summary' was claiming its address at the time (bottom of page one) as, MPLA Solidaryity Committee, 825 West End Ave, APT 14F, New York 10025

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