Charles 'Charlie' Christodoulou

(Born 1951 – killed 14th February 1976)

Charlie was born in Birmingham England to Greek Cypriot parents. He was also a cousin of Costas Georgiou, who later became known as the infamous 'Colonel Callan', the leader of the British mercenaries fighting for the F.N.L.A. during the Angola war of Independence in January/ February 1976.

The two served together in the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment in the British Army and saw service in Northern Ireland. Both found great fun in provoking the locals into starting riots, something they did at every opportunity. Christodoulou was dishonourably discharged from the Army, where he was referred to as "Charlie Caldwell" or "Charlie Kebab”. As was Georgiou after serving time for robbing a Post Office while serving in Northern Ireland.

Charlie was one of the first four British mercenaries to arrive in Angola, along with Costas Georgiou (his best friend), Nick Hall and Michael Wainwright. While there he became known as "Shotgun Charlie", because he was never seen without one.

Nick Hall had been the first to make contact with Don Belford and Colin Taylor, two representatives of Angolan leader Holdern Roberto who were based in Leeds England. However, Costas had pushed his way in and took over the negotiations, and later flew to Angola to offer their services to Holdern Roberto who allowed them to fly in.

Charlie was a withdrawn and an easily led character. A ruthless and sadistic man disliked by all except Costas. Described by some as a cold-blooded killer who was involved in the murder of 167 pro F.N.L.A. civilians.
On Valentine’s Day (14th February) 1976 while still fighting in Angola, Charles Christodoulou was killed in an ambush along with 5 other mercenaries towards the end of the British mercenary involvement with the F.N.L.A.

Terry Aspinall ..© Copyright 1990