Costas Georgiou (Col Callan)

Born in Cyprus in 1951 his family moved to England in 1963. Believed to be a cousin of Charlie Christodoulou (Shotgun Charlie-Captain Charlie) Served in the Parachute Regiment 1st Battalion and was the best all round recruit. Because of his all round fitness and good military abilities he was made bodyguard to the Commanding office.

He was credited as one of the best marksmen in his unit. Georgiou's highest British Army rank attained was that of corporal and he never received officer training.

Later he was posted to Northern Ireland, where along with friend Nick Hall they would provoke the locals to riot by throwing stones at them. A couple of months later with friend Michael Wainhouse they robbed a post office of 93 pounds, for which they both received a 5 years prison sentence and a dishonourable discharge.

He was the first English Mercenary to arrive in Angola (02.12.75). Having been recruited by Don Belford and Colin Taylor based in Leeds England, being representatives of Holdern Robert’s FNLA (who were being backed by the CIA). Costas flew to Angola to make all the arrangements for himself and his three friends Nick Hall, Michael Wainwright and Charlie Christodoulou (all old friends from his Parachute Regiment days), to go to Angola.

During the 1960's many mercenaries fought under an alias name. Costas chose his alias after a TV detective hero of the day, played by Edward Woodward.

"Callan," as Georgiou was now calling and styling himself, led a small F.N.L.A. military group of fighters who were mainly Portuguese with the odd Briton thrown in. One of the Portuguese, who called himself "Madeira" after a famous wine, was also a former champion boxer. This group was made up of excellent, experienced soldiers, but far too few in numbers to accomplish a decisive victory. Still, the record they amassed in their short guerilla campaign was impressive. In one ambush on an M.P.L.A. column, the squad-sized unit killed 60 of the approximately 600 M.P.L.A. & Cubans, and destroyed four T-34's and four "Stalin's organ" mobile rocket platforms. Impressed with their efforts, Holdern Roberto dispatched Nick Hall back to Britain to recruit a full battalion. Roberto also bestowed the rank of Colonel upon Callan. Most people since have accused him of self promotion, but this is untrue. It was only the name that he invented.

He was not liked by his men mainly because of his brutality and blood thirst ways. But at least he led by example. Upon his capture after being wounded in the leg, he was put on trial in Luanda and executed, but not before he stood up in court and took full responsibility for all the men who had served under him during his time in Angola, he was arrogant right to the end.

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