An obscure Afrikaner, and close friend of Tshombe. Upon Tshombe's instalment as Prime Minister in 1961, Puren, Wicks and Mike Hoare were summond to the Congo to help sort out the countries military problems. Puren was appointed Commander of the Katangese Air Force, and later made up to the Administration Officer in Leo and because of his tightness with money became known as “10% Man”.

At the end of the fighting in Katanga 21.01.63. Puren along with Schramme and Denard and fewer than 100 other Mercenaries retreated over the border into Portuguese Angola, where the Authorities were always denying that Mercenaries had ever set foot on Portuguese soil.

He was at the Battle of Bukavu in November 1967, fighting along side Jean Schramme. After Bukavu fell he crossed the border into Rwanda along with Schramme and several 100 Mercenaries, they were all interned into camps while the world courts argued their fate.

On the 03.04.68 he was released and deported along with all of the white Mercenaries out of the Country with their Passport stamped Not Valid in Africa. After several months the black Mercenaries were allowed back into the Congo and over a period of time Mabutu had then all executed.

At the age of 57 along with Mike Hoare he took part in the attempted coup of the Seychelles but was captured when Mike Hoare left him behind when he and his men hijacked a plane and fled. He was put on trial and received the death penalty (by hanging) later this was commuted to 20 years imprisonment. During a mutiny at the prison (17.08.82), he along with his fellow Mercenaries stayed loyal to the guards, they were rewarded by being moved to Platte Island where they were only locked up at nights, being allowed to wander around during the daytime. He was released in the summer of 1983 and allowed to return home to South Africa.