An ex Legionnaire and Paratrooper one of the few French Para's to Survive a Vietnam prison Camp, an expert in counter revolutionary warfare. Went to Katanga with a group of French officers to help the Government, (the French were backing the Congo at the time). They were later recalled but Faulques stayed on and with the rank of Captain he was put in Command of the Mercenaries in Katanga in 1961. During the second battle of Katanga he had his head quarters set up in the town of kamiama.

On the19th December 1961 a United Nations force of Ethiopians won a fight at the town of Miniere beating a Mercenary force commanded by Bob Denard. Tshombe had given orders to hold the town at all costs, this so infuriated Faulques that he left Katanga, swearing that he would never return and accept orders from Africans again. Politically it looked like the end of Tshombe and Katanga, but Denard and Puren stayed loyal and stayed on to fight.

In 1962 Faulques went to the Yemen to assist El Badr, leader of the Royalist Guerrilla group. Along with a few of his loyal Mercenaries who had fought under him in Katanga, Bob Denard was also with him for a time. In 1968 he went to Biafra and led the breakaway revolt with the assistance of Bob Denard and a group of Mercenaries.

Terry Aspinall 1990