Robert K Brown

Born in Monroe Michigan in the USA on 02.11.32. He served in the US Army from October 1954 to September 1957, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and ending up in the Intelligence Corp.

Upon his release he backed Fidel Castro and had a brief career gun running for him. But after a brief trip to Havana to meet Castro he finally realised that he was and always had been a communist. Betraying all his followers he then set about deposing Castro.

Brown also became a very successful combat correspondent, investigative journalist and writer on military subjects.

After reserve training in 1964 he joined a group getting refugees out of Cuba. And was also involved with another group trying to overthrow the right wing dictatorship in Haiti.

In 1968 he rejoined the Army having been kicked out of the special forces a couple of month earlier and went to Vietnam being assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 18th Regiment of the First Infantry Division obtaining the rank of Captain and becoming there intelligence officer. Later commanding the Tong Le Chon Special Forces Camp. He was wounded in an ambush taking 14 fragments from a mortar in his back. Retiring as Lieutenant Colonel Special Forces in January 1985.

Dropping back to his writing he establish the very successful Soldier of Fortune magazine, as its founder, editor and publisher. A magazine that was and still is well read by military minded people around the world and is also a contact magazine for personnel looking for that type of work.

Soldier of Fortune (SOF) is a pro-gun, pro-military magazine which reports on various armed confrontations around the world, as well as on new weapons and other military technology.

At one time Brown was also Vice Chairman on the Nominating Committee of the USA's National Rifle Association.

Terry Aspinall 1995


Soldier of Fortune's Robert K. Brown by Ward Churchill