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RPG 7 1993


What can I say ? We had a few beers


A few friends


Cabo Ledo Nov 1993

RPG 7 1993


Cabo Ledo. Weapon store duty. Sept 93


Cabo Ledo. Aircraft Refueling. Dec 93


Longa Base. Training Ground. Dec 93

  Take out the papers & the trash, or you get no spending cash. Dec 93

Longa Base Protection Nov 93

    Robson on the PKM 1993       King Air  
Cabo Ledo in full uniform 1993   Cabo Ledo Sept 93   Cabo Ledo. Russian RPK Nov 93   Cabo Ledo Town Bulgarian Manufactured 47 Dec 93 Angolan flag on the Police Station in Cabo Ledo. Sept 93
    Beach Patrol Protection. Nov 93   Cabo Ledo training on the 60mm Mortar 1993   Cabo Ledo Refueling  

A few more of Mike's photos

Sadwana-bay SAAF Mirage-fighter Explosion
Election 1994

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