Executive Outcomes Can Offer The Following Air Force Training:


    • Staff Procedures: The aim of Air Staff Procedures Training is to qualify staff officers to manage their divisions successfully during operations. The training includes Personnel Management, Operational Staff Procedures and Logistical Procedures.
    • Air Traffic Control: The aim of Air Traffic Control Training is to qualify Air Traffic Control personnel to successfully execute their functions. This training can include Air Traffic Control, Approach Control and Fighter Control.
    • Ground Crew: The aim of this training is to train ground crews to execute their functions successfully. This training can include apprenticeship, advanced and specialised training on all aircraft as well as support staff and flight engineers training.
    • Pilot: The aim is to train pilots to successfully fulfil their tasks during Air Force operations. This training can include basic and advanced flying techniques, and also specialised pilot training for fighters, transport aircraft and helicopters. On completion of the training, the pilot will be qualified to fulfil his tasks successfully during Air Force operations.