Since their first spectacular appearance on the battlefields of World War 1, tanks have played a decisive role in numerous hard-fought actions. The armoured fist of any conventional force is provided by main battle tank force compositions, which are the primary offensive element of the modern day Army, being able to withstand most enemy fire while inflicting considerable destruction on the enemy.

      The aim of armour training is to train troops how to utilise and maintain tanks and armoured cars offensively during the phases of conventional warfare.

      The Following Training Can Be Offered(Tanks and Armoured Cars)


      • Crew Drills
      • Gun and Turret Drills
      • Advanced Communications
      • All Weapons Systems
      • Battle Drills
      • Conventional Battle Handling
      • Armour and Other Combat Participants and Support Integration
      • Phases of Warfare
      • Leadership Training
      • Armour Support
      "The shock or psychological effect which comes to troops on the receiving end of a massed armour assault is terrific."
      General Bruce C Clarke