Traditionally, the only method of defeating a tank on the battlefield was to let it close in and then engage it with short-range weapons, a tactic which was brutally dangerous. Today, developments in the power and accuracy of field artillery are challenging the threat of "armour" by enabling tanks to be destroyed at great distance. As a result field artillery, one of the oldest weapons of warfare, is earning a new respect and importance.

The aim of artillery training is to train gunners in weapons system drills, fire control and the application of artillery fire on enemy objectives.

The Following Training Can Be Offered (NATO and East-Block Equipment):


  • Light-, Medium- and Heavy-Caliber Field Artillery Gun Drills
  • Medium- and Heavy-Caliber Multiple Rocket-Launcher Drills
  • Medium- and Heavy-Caliber Self-Propelled Gun Howitzer Drills
  • Artillery Observation
  • Fire Control
  • Logistics and Support
  • Locating Radar
  • Troop, Battery and Regiment Deployment Drills
  • Leadership Training
  • Artillery Support during the phases of Conventional Warfare
  • Battle Handling (sub-sub-unit to unit level)