Generally regarded as a supporting arm, but often more in the thick of the action than many members of the "teeth" arms, the engineers have a wide range of responsibilities. Their primary tasks can, nevertheless, be set out very simply - to aid the mobility of own forces and hinder that of the enemy.

        The aim of Engineer Training is to train sappers in the skills necessary to utilise their equipment in aid of their own forces' mobility and to hinder that of the enemy.

        The Following Training Can Be Offered:


        • Basic Combat Engineer Training
        • Mine Warfare
        • Field Defences
        • Obstacles and the use thereof
        • Water crossing
        • Bridge Construction
        • Construction (Roads, Field Accommodations, Concrete Practice)
        • Water Purification and Supply
        • Demolitions
        • Engineer Battle Handling during the phases of Conventional Warfare
        • Leadership Training
        • Obstacle Crossing
        • Field Surveying
    • Gun and Turret Drills
    • Advanced Communications
    • All Weapons Systems
    • Battle Drills
    • Conventional Battle Handling
    • Armour and Other Combat Participants and Support Integration
    • Phases of Warfare
    • Leadership Training
    • Armour Support
    "The shock or psychological effect which comes to troops on the receiving end of a massed armour assault is terrific."
    General Bruce C Clarke