The Infantry remains the foundation of any army even in an age of increasing reliance on high technology, mechanisation and electronics. In the final analysis, it is only the infantryman who can physically take and hold ground in conventional operations, or who can effectively patrol the local population in counter-insurgency operations.

        Motorised Infantry Training

        The aim of Motorised Infantry Training is to train actual "foot infantry" to find the enemy and engage him in combat wherever he chooses to maintain himself, and to hold ground won during combat.

        The Following Training Can Be Offered:


        • Rifleman Training
        • Platoon Weapons
        • Section Leaders
        • Phases of Conventional Warfare
        • Combat Drills (up to battalion level)
        • Battalion Support Weapons:


            - Light and medium mortar
            - Anti-tank rocket, gun and missile
            - Assault Pioneers
            - Light, medium and heavy machine gun
            - Reconnaissance
        • Battle Handling (sub-unit to formation level)
        • Infantry Leadership