Special Forces

    The Special Forces of an Armed Force is a strategic capability and/or a force multiplier.

    All potential candidates who are selected to be trained as basic Special Forces operators must successfully complete the Initial Training in the following: Selection, Special Forces Individual, Basic Parachuting, Air Orientations and Minor Tactics.

    After completion of the Initial Special Forces Training, selected personnel can attend Advanced Training Courses such as Urban, Signals, Medical, Demolition and Bushcraft, Tracking and Survival.

    A Selection of Seaborne, Airborne and Specialist Training Can Be Offered:


    Seaborne Training Airborne Training Specialist Training
    Coxswain (small boats) Advanced Free Fall Photography
    Seaborne Operations HALO/HAHO Mountaineering
    Under-water Demolitions Heliborne Operations Vehicle Operations
    Surface Swimming Air Assault Operations Reconnaissance
    Diving (Part 1 and 2) Pathfinders Sniper
    Diving Instructors Forward Air Control Team Leaders
    Diving Supervisors Advanced Military Tandem Guerrilla Warfare
    Parachuting Instructors Hostage Release
    Parachuting Dispatchers Executive Protection
    Helicopter Dispatchers Clandestine Communication

    Soldiers professionally trained in the above-mentioned courses would be an asset to any Armed Force.