Can you please help trace the following family members.

If anybody can please help family members by Contact me, or if you prefer I can place you in contact with them.

Thanks for your time


Robert (Bob) Victor Thacker

Looking for information about Robert (Bob) Victor Thacker born 20.9.1947 in Sheffield United Kingdom, at some time he served in the Australian Army where he may have befriended Kevin Jorgensen.

At one time Robert may have signed on with 'Security Advice Services' based in Guildford UK, the company was owned and run by John Aspinall, and was a recruiting agency for supplying former professional soldiers. Date unknown.
Also at one time he is believed to have worked for Les Aspin.

He is also known to have been in Beirut around 1976 and to have been a member of 'Danny Chamoun Tigers', a right wing Christian group. There is rumour that he may have been killed 22.6.1976 (or 4.8.1976), while in Beirut. And that he may be buried in an unmarked Christian Cemetery somewhere in Beirut. If this is true a family member would like to at least add a head stone to the grave.


Alan Faulkner. He gets a couple of mentions in The Whores of War (Burchett & Roebuck). From what I remember it says a couple of British newspapers reported that he had been killed in Beirut, August 76. This may have been in an attack on Tel Al Zaatar, an Australian mercenary known as 'Blue' Kelly also with the Tigers survived.




Jernej Konec is trying to trace this guy who he believes was in Angola?