Two attempted Coups in Malta1981 and 1984

Malta is not one of those countries normally imagined as having a coup to remove it’s legally elected government. However, no country is immune to something that’s become common place all around the world, when one group usually the opposition, and  knowing that they cannot gain power legally use large sums of money to try and install a government that is sympathetic to their case.

Details of two planned coups to take over  Malta in 1981 and  1984 have been kept secret for many years, and known by just a few people. However, this all changed when Anthony Rogers published his book ‘Someone Else’s War’ and teased us with a few details of what was secretly being planned for that country during the 1980’s.

Basically what Anthony was hinting at was that the islands are basically Roman Catholic and that during the early 80’s the Islands was ruled by Dom Mintoff and his MLP party. Mintoff constantly challenged the people on an array of issues that persistently challenged the Church, causing dissent even amongst his own  supporters. Finally he went too far by encouraging cultural and diplomatic ties with Libya and its leader Colonel Gaddafi. While later he also went looking for help from countries like Russia, China and North Korea. One plot against Mintoff and his policies was planned as early as 1981. This involved the use of over 300 British Mercenaries. However, the coup was called off although it’s not known why?

Somehow Mintoff survived the coup but his politics continued to upset the local Maltese people to such a point that  by November  1984 plans were drawn up once again to remove him. The idea was not to kill Mintoff, but to persuade  him and his government  to step down from power. A figure of One Million pound was suggested as a price to carry out the task.

However, this plan was also called off when Prime Minister Dom Mintoff resigned on 22nd December 1984 and was succeeded by his protégé Doctor Karmenu Mifsud-Bonnici.

Terry Aspinall


‘Someone Else’s War’ by Anthony Rogers


Maybe somebody reading this article might be able to shed a little more light on the subject for us and get in touch with further information, for all to read?

I also recommend that you read Anthony Rogers book ‘Someone Else’s War’ Published by Harper Collins 1998.  Printed in the UK by ‘Clays’       ISBN 0 00 4720784