Rainer Rene Graf Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden

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Killen learn

A German Graf gives disused army soldiers as legionnaires in the Third World. *

Tucked between ads for firearms and army pants olive ", promises a" League of German Legion "in the journal" International arms-mirror 'the wide world: "Adventure - performance - personal profit."

We are looking for the unemployed, former soldiers and all, "which can offer no future for this country." Upon request, the ad a "new career options" - use as a mercenary.

given up the display of the lawyer and journalist Rainer Rene Graf Adelmann of Adelmannsfelden, 37, Bavarian lawyer son and founder of Legionnaires' clubs. Freiherr von Godin, born resides with his wife and eight children in a house in the Upper Swabian village of Sent Hart, away from Lake Constance and Sigmaringen. The name of an old aristocratic Württemberg he took over in 1980 by his wife.

The former lawyer knows that the penal code threatens the "recruitment for foreign military service" with a prison sentence of up to five years. Even the attempt, German, "a foreign power" or a "military or paramilitary organization" supply is punishable.

But this provision, believes Edelman Adelmann grab, not with his "League of German Legion" (BDL). He refers to the Basic Law, which guarantees every German a free choice. And his association is nothing but "the first legal professional association of this kind" is.

Thus, the Count writes busily association messages to embassies and governments of Asian and African countries. Foreign Interested students are referred to the company registered with the district court singing "Terfina Asset Management GmbH, whose partner and managing turn Graf Adelmann is.

For the unemployed adventurers who want to hire in foreign countries, is the Terfina then against commission contracts and salaries, for example, "to secure a German industrial complex in Africa," said Adelman. "The guys," he says, "are employees of the German GmbH and as work on assembly in Africa." As a municipality "may transfer the garbage to a private contractor," said the count is in front of it, "transferring the foreign state's military purge of its territory a German businessman" - just him.

With the establishment of Legionnaires federal, Count Adelmann of Adelmannsfelden concern for which has long prosecutors and courts developed a new variant of professional activity.

Years ago, the count lamented as a "figurehead of the South German Abmahnvereine" (Stuttgarter Zeitung) against newspaper advertisers and businessmen, whom he wanted for alleged infringements of competition abknöpfen high fees. A few anxious always paid to the "Secretary General of the Central Committee for general compliance with higher court jurisdiction in competition matters.

Successfully operate Graf Adelmann ("My name description only cost five marks, pays but with"), a "Christian Association for Family Support", which gave yet unborn, but unwanted babies to adoption willing parents (mirror 9 / 1983).

Could he bring together a pregnant woman with a childless man who cashed the paternity of a "not yet born or infant" later recognized, Adelmann up to 32 000 marks. A portion of the amount went to each mother, for it gave their child.

The "Christian Association" officially no longer exists, the business is still continuing. By his own account Adelman has taught up to now eighteen children. The Prosecutor Constance determined, but could not prosecute the criminal count, "He has discovered a legal loophole."

It Adel familiar with his legionnaire advertising. Already more than 400 applicants, he says, would have to report now. He also currently negotiating with an African country whose name he would not name, on "securing a pipeline. Combat mission, according to Adelman, "terrorists, to disrupt the sale of raw material, track and destroy a classic military mission.."

The government of Mozambique says the count, check his offer to guard the Cabora Bassa dam by Terfina Legionnaires leave. And increasingly strove to foreign arms buyers' German operator ". Many developing countries had "a number of corrections to their limits and their forms of government needed", but not the staff to use "modern war material" reliably.

Terfina chief Adel will first of a "battle-strong train" of fifty men to offer and, among them former army soldiers as possible - a couple of worn-out sergeant had reported on his ads out already.

They need only bring a little courage, and twenty dollars admission fee and a further twenties as an annual contribution. But the noble promises a varied program: motor boat courses and Combat Shooting "in Belgium," winter training on new machine guns on the firing range of a Swiss manufacturer. The Count: "Of course people need to learn the Killen, many eighteen year olds are quite keen."

The boat license coast and the motor boat license for the internal drive holds A noble man for indispensable, because the mercenaries must carry in their operations "contraband, weapons and food." Looking for people "who dare to run Balkan coasts', since, according to Graf Adelmann: When" landing and command the German company had Legionnaire's more than can be recruited in Anatolia colleague.

The members of the German Legion exported need to worry about their sons or husbands not to worry. The BDL assured Graf Adelmann, "assures the bringing home of fallen heroes" and "respect the heroic memory of them."


Translation by Reiner


Translation by Reiner