I wanna be in the Rhodesian Army if they send me off to war!

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This is my re-uploaded tribute to the men and women who served in the Rhodesian Army during the Bush War 1965-80 especially those who served, fought and died in the RhAF, Selous Scouts, RhSAS, RhACR, RAR, RLI and RhArty during Op Miracle Sep/Oct 1979. Thanks guys, you will always be remembered. My thanks also to the regimental associations of the Selous Scouts and RhSAS for use of photos taken by operators and published in other media. Photos published here from my personal collection were either taken by myself or by other members of RhACR and shared amongst us. My thanks also to Corb Lund and the "Hurtin Albertans" for the music from their album Horse Soldier (2007) - you guys rock! Thanks to tprdfh51