The British Parachute Regiment

The Paras was a 1982 BBC TV documentary about British parachute regiment recruits of 480 (Training) Platoon undertaking their basic training between January and June 1982.

The series aired on BBC1 in November and December 1982. It was later repeated in 1984 with an update on the platoon members' lives in the last episode.

Written and presented by the late Glyn Worsnip, it was shot in the fly on the wall style, giving the viewing public a unique insight to military life. The programme's timing could not have been better as it began filming just prior to the onset of hostilities of the 1982 Falklands War. The series was accompanied by a book of the same name written by the principal researcher Frank Hilton.

The series was accompanied by a score of military music written and arranged by Conn Bernard.

Some of those recruits passing out in 1982 went on to have long and distinguished careers including Dean Ward and Rod Stoner.

In addition one of the platoon staff corporals, Al Slater was later killed in Northern Ireland whilst a member of the SAS. This incident and some of this involvement in the SAS were described in one of Andy McNab's book's Immediate Action and Seven Troop.

Production Credits

Written and presented – Glyn Worsnip

Camera – Dave Gray

Sound - Mervyn Broadway

Dubbing Editor – David Matthews

Dubbing Mixer – Ken Haimes

Title Music – Conn Bernard

Graphic Designer – William Blaik

Production Assistant – Caroline Savage

Research – Frank Hilton, Chris Wilkie

Film Editor – Graham Dean

Producer – Bill Jones

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