Part 10 of a Cuban-made documentary about Cuban intervention in the Angola Civil War.

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Film Director: Miguel Fleitas, (ICAIC, FAR, MPLA).
In 1975 the longest conflict in Africa and one of the longest in the Cold War. He escaped an escalation of the war of liberation of Angola from Portuguese colonialism, which faced several opponents Angolan movements, and their respective allies.

The conflict in Angola's MPLA fought the government and its allies in Cuba and SWAPO, which fought for the independence of Namibia, against UNITA, the FNLA, South Africa and Zaire. Besides the material support they received first and second Soviet advisers and equipment from the United States, China, as well as mercenaries of other Western countries.

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From 3:28 to 5:56, you can see footage of captured and killed FNLA mercenaries from the Feb 14th 1976 ambushes of two FNLA patrols in Cuimba.

At 3:36 to 3:53, you will see wounded mercenaries Gustavo Grillo, and John Nammock sitting in the back of a FAPLA truck.

At 4:33 to 4:53, you will see wounded mercenary Gary Acker being patched up by FAPLA medics.

At 5:03, I believe the mercenary sitting on the ground wearing the beret is Daniel Gearhart. I could be wrong.

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