Al-Qaeda is also a recruiting company, although some might say that they joined because it was their religion, many others would say they joined because of the cause. Then there are those who joined purely to fight. Whatever the argument Al-Qaeda is just like any other PMC and runs recruiting programs.

Not wanting to get bogged down in a political argument, just like all the other countries on this site all we intend to add to this page is a History Time Line of events that have happened in Yemen involving Al-Qaeda.


December 1992 Bombers hit hotel in Aden formerly used by US marines - first known al-Qaeda attack in Yemen.

October 2000 Suicide attack on destroyer USS Cole in Aden. Bomb attack on British embassy in Sanaa.

October 2002 French tanker Limburg damaged by bomb-laden boat in port of Ash-Shir.

8th July 2007 Spanish tourists, 2 local drivers killed by car bomb at historic site in Maarib.

January 2008  Two Belgians, their guide and driver shot dead in attack in Wadi Hadramout.

March 2008  Policeman, student killed in attempted bombing of US embassy.

September 2008  16 killed in double car bombing outside US embassy.

January 2009  Saudi and Yemeni al-Qaeda branches announce merger to form al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

4th March 2009 South Korean tourists killed by suicide bomber in Shibam.

August 2009  AQAP bomber dies in failed bid to kill Saudi Deputy Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef.

December 2009  'Underwear bomber' Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly tries to down Detroit-bound US airliner in plot claimed by AQAP.

January 2010  London conference on extremism in Yemen.

April 2010 Attempted suicide bomb attack on convoy of British envoy Tim Torlot in Sanaa.

June 2010  Attack on Aden security complex. 10 security officers said killed.

11th July 2010 security forces killed in 2 separate attacks in Shabwa province. Al-Qaeda attackers hit South Yemen security offices in 2 coordinated attacks.

October 2010  Rocket attack targets British embassy car

October 2010  Parcel bombs, thought to have been made by al-Qaeda and dispatched in Yemen, found on US-bound cargo planes